Messages not appearing in Inbox

I have a Gmail account configured as Imap in the eM client. In Web Gmail, messages appear under both the Inbox and Allmail “labels”, however, many of those messages do not appear in “Inbox” in the eM client, but do show up in “All Mail”, so I have to look in both places. They do tend to be “promotion” type messages (a.k.a. advertising messages). Incidentally, they do appear in my “promotions” category in my Gmail app on my iOS device (iPad).

However, some messages of the “Promotion” type do appear in the Inbox. When I look at the properties of the “Inbox” folder (eM client), the location is mapped to the “Inbox” in Gmail (spelled the same)

Why would some messages that show in the “Inbox” in Gmail go to the “Inbox” in the eM client, but others go to “All Mail”?