Messages gone after applying new rule

Hi! I have a problem with eMClient. I created a new rule (tools - rules), then I wanted to move some received messages to the dedicated foler. After I applied the rule all messages are missing and the destination folder is empty.
Other rules/folders are ok.
pls help.

in the first place check if you have selected the correct folder. If so, enable Rules logging in Settings, try to simulate the issue and send us the log (with a reference to this topic) using the same window. Thank you.

Yes, the folder was correct and the Rules enabled.
Unfortunately I cannot send you the logs becouse I Deleted all folders/rules in eMClient because of using IMAP in gmail.
My problems must have been caused by some google actions. Now I have the rules &folders created directly in gmail, eMClient cooperates with such settings perfectly.

Anyway, thank you for your intentions.