messages deleted in eM Client do not get deleted off the server

When I delete a message from the webportal, it gets deleted from eM Client. BUT, when I delete a message from eM Client, it does NOT get deleted from the server.

This deletion problem seems to be limited to, because 2 way deletions work fine with gmail and yahoo. Appreciate any help on this.

Probably you already did, but to be sure:

please go to Tools --> Accounts
select your e-mail account in the left column
select the ‘POP3’ tab page
look at the checkboxes under ‘server settings’ … there you can specify what needs to be done with messages on the server when you delete them locally.

Hope this helps!

thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, profile on eM Client is preset/locked. So I deleted the account and re-set it up as a manual account with server: on port 993. This has mostly solved the delete sync problem, but overall the sync fails about 20% of the time. Since is one of the most popular email services, I would hope that there is a more reliable solution to be found here.


Hi, could you make screenshot of those locked settings (if it is still possible after account recreation)?
Also POP3 is quite obsolete protocol, I strongly suggest you to switch to IMAP.