Messages being triplicated in Local Folders

Every message in each of the several folders that exist under “Local Folders” now appears 3 times. I just noticed the issue today, but it may have occurred sometime over the past week. There’s no similar replication problem with the Inbox, Sent, etc. folders. (1) What caused the problem? (2) How can I stop it from happening in future? (3) Is there an automated way for me to delete all but the original messages?

How did the messages get to the Local Folders? Are you using a Rule to do that?

There is a Deduplicator tool (Menu > Tools > Deduplicator) to remove exact duplicates. Make a backup first using Menu > File > Backup, just in case you delete the wrong ones.

Hi Gary – Many thanks for your really quick response to my dilemma - and for introducing me to the Deduplicator tool. To your question… I switched to eM Client from Windows Live Mail when I bought my current Windows 10 PC in February of this year. I really like eM Client and have migrated my wife’s legacy email to it as well. The folders containing the now-“triplicated” mail messages came over directly from Windows Live Mail. I haven’t invoked any Rules yet in eM Client. Regarding the timing: every message pre-March 2020 shows up 3 times. All since that date only appear once – and only in folders subordinate to Local Folders. The Inbox and Sent folders contain items going back to 2018, but all only appear once. To your next question: perhaps the “triplication” occurred in Windows Live Mail before the transfer. Highly unlikely, as I occasionally seek out these old messages and Haven’t noticed the issue until recently. I’ll try the “Deduplicor” and see if it solves my problem. (Is this function available because of a systemic problem such as the one I experienced?)

I think that because the triplicates were only for a specific time in the past, it may have happened in the import. Human error, or application error - doesn’t really matter as long as it is not still happening.

Many thanks, again, Gary for explaining the probable causes of my issues and how to resolve them. The Deduplicator tool worked perfectly! Kudos for including such a useful tool in the eM Client suite.
Best, GUY