Message will download next time you go on line

Once in a while a message will show up in the subject area but will not completely load. Dialogue box states. “Message will download next time you go on line.” Refreshing does not help. What causes this and what does it mean by going on line? My PC sleeps so it is actually always on line.

I see this on rare occasions.  Clicking on another email and then going back usually solves the issue.  A could of things:

1.  make sure that “Work offline” is not checked when you go to menu/file.
2.  Make sure you have the latest version installed which is 7.1.32088.0.  Go here to get it:

Hope this helps.

Teddybear, I experienced the same thing just recently. I have set my IMAP account to download for offline use, and was in the Inbox as a new email came in. I immediately clicked on it and got the error message. I assumed I just clicked on the message before it had downloaded. My connection has been a bit slow the past few days.

As Jay says, clicking on another message and then back on the problem one fixes it.

Jay- Thanks very much. I did download the latest version that you provided. Strangely I had gone to Help and followed the drop downs to "Update’. It is said 'none available. So your post was very welcome indeed.

Gary- (and Jay) Thanks to both of you. As luck would have it the message I had the problem with was all by itself, so I could not try your suggestion. If it happens again, I will certainly give it a shot.