message will be downloaded

Messages are “blank” and not “downloading” and “next time you go online” never comes… WTF, the latest release is just about UNUSABLE.

Confirmed, I have this same issue here. The program seems particularly bad at retrieving attachments.

It’s like it’s been totally designed with no regards to prioritizing whatever the USER is trying to do? 

_ Will this program’s development ever get on track??? Very close to buying this for our entire organization, but these sort of problems have been going on for months now… _

What version of eM Client are you using?

One option is to right click on the folder that contains the messages and choose Properties > Repair. If it is a Gmail account, right-click on the All Mail folder instead.

I’m running 7.2.36465.0

Have tried the Repair before - it took ages, but hasn’t solved the problem…

If it is not working in 7.2.36465, like so many things, why not downgrade to the previous version until eM Client Inc. can get their act together? 

I wasn’t aware we could downgrade… is it a quick process? ( I have have to do a clean uninstall/reinstall that basically kills a whole day here…)

Yes, it is a quick process. Probably takes longer to download the 50MB file than to do everything else.

Close eM Client and uninstall. During the uninstall you will be asked if you want to keep/delete the database. Keep it if you want all your data and settings to be there once downgraded, delete it if you want to start fresh with everything deleted.

You can download and install the previous version of eM Client from the Release History