Message SORTING Options

In first instance looks a catchy client but need more features for improved management and productivity. What I missing a lot lot is that THERE IS NO MESSAGE SORTING OPTIONS???

Magni Pak, there are message sorting options, but unless you know exactly where to click, they don’t work.  At the very top of your list of emails, there is a box that says, “Sort by received.” If you click on that box nothing happens, unless you click exactly on the word “received.”  I wish they had made the word “received” in a different color, or bold or something so that we would know you have to click exactly on the word. If you click on “sort by,” nothing happens.

Then over to the right of that same box, you can click so that either the oldest or newest is at the top. 

Hope this helps.


Hello Magni,
the sorting options are located just as Jean above mentions, on the left top of the message list you can choose what to sort by (Received, Category, Subject,…) and options on the right.
Or, if you go to the Column view, you can sort by clicking on the given column.