Message rules

I have successfully imported emails from WLM, including a large number of folders within my inbox for different people, but eM Client does not recognise my imported folders when I try to create a rule. How can I get it to recognise my old folders?

Hello Sheelagh,

We apologize for the inconvenience. Could you please provide some more details? What exactly happens when you try to create a rule? Do the folders not appear at all when you try to specify the ‘folder’ parameter? Are they there but you aren’t able to click on them? Can you post a screenshot, please?

Are you getting any errors/messages?  If it is so, could you please post a screenshot of the messages/errors that the program displays and also the log from the tab Log in the Operations window (Menu->Tools->Operations)? Just select all with Ctrl+A and use Ctrl+V to copy it here.

Also please include the number of the version that you use (Menu -> Help ->About).

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I too cannot get any message rules to work on the free version. I used to have WLM and setting up rules worked fine, but not a thing with EMC.

I follow all the steps in sequence, ticking all the required boxes, but at the end…nothing happens; the messages still still in my inbox. Is this a problem with the free version?

My version is 7.2.34062.0


My EMC version is 7.2.34062.0 and my OS is WIndow 10 Pro.
It’s not that there is a rule which doesn’t work - it’s that I can’t set any rule up at all.
I got to Menu/tools/messages rules. I was going to put a screen shot here, but it won’t paste here. Is there any way to poste screen shots here?


You can post screen-shots by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of this compose window.

One thing you can try Mike, is to download and install the latest version of eM Client available at See if that changes anything.

Hi Gary,
thanks, but Stepan Busak helped sort me out. I have to make a rule from the email neader, then go back and do the same again via Menu/Tools/Rules to manually apply the rule to existing messages - a bit long-winded.

One thing I’m not yet clear on is which command to use to group a bunch of email recipients together i.e. Friends, so that I can send one email to all of them at once.  Then there are things like colours…what do they mean? Any help with that please?


Actually, to apply a Rule to existing messages just right-click on the containing folder (Inbox or whatever) and choose Apply Rule.

There are a couple of ways to send a message to a group of contacts. You can select all the needed contacts and then use right-click > Send Message. If it is a group that you regularly need to email, then you can create a distribution list and then instead of adding a receiver’s name or address to the To field, you just add the distribution list name. You will find more on the distribution list in the help file (F1).

By colors I guess you mean categories. You can use these to group your friends also, which gives nice visual separation for groups, but it is not straight forward to send a message to a category. Again, more on categories in the help file (F1).

HI Garry,
My brain is starting to hurt! I think that’s enough for now!

Maybe it’s a limitation of the new W10 I had installed, but I can’t get any of the keyboard emoticons  - Bracket …letter…bracket - I used to have with the old version…progress I suppose!

Have a nice Xmas