Message rules issue/question

I have been trying to configure some message rules to handle the volume of mail that I receive daily through multiple accounts. I am finding that in the message rules, when you go to Rules, and choose to create or modify, either on the basic rule templates, or(and) the select conditions for the rule section, there should be an option for “MOVE MESSAGE TO ACCOUNT” or just “MOVE MESSAGE TO SPECIFIC EMAIL ADDRESS” option.
For example:
when received
is moved to folder

I receive mail from far to many people to keep adding them to a FROM list, but if I could add my various email addresses to a field that allowed me to point those messages to be moved to a folder, it would be extremely effective and efficient. (not to mention very appreciated)


If there is a way to do this now, please tell me how. :slight_smile:

Ok, let me see if I understand you correctly. You want to move message to a specific folder via the e-mail address which you receiving them from. Example “” moves to folder “Gmail” and “” move to folder “AOL”?

If so, click on rules

  1. New Rule
  2. Apply Custom Rule on Message I receive
  3. Process with account
  4. Choose the e-mail account/address that you would like to set
  5. Click Ok, choose next
  6. Select “move to folder” and choose a folder that you like the mails to move to
  7. Click on Finish and you done

And the e-mail will be moved once when all e-mails being retrieved. Hope this help.

Yes, and no.

If I only had one account, this wouldnt be an issue. I could either just let the new messages in the inbox, or move all messages that come into to my one account to a specific folder.

My situation is a little different. Lets say I have four email accounts.

If I try to set it up as you have listed below, *all* messages that come in to my account, get processed by the first account, to that accounts folders (that I have created). At least thats what happened on my attempt at setting up the rules.

Thats why I suggested making a field that allows a TO field, which would allow for users to set up a specific address to be processed as the mail comes in.

If however, that Processed by account feature just needs a tweak to work properly, then that would be fine as well.


Hmm, maybe I’m not entirely understood you or I miss a detail. Process by account is the same as TO: field, as the TO: field are what other people use to send you the e-mail. Which are essentially your e-mail address.

If you need to setup for 4 e-mail address/account, you need to repeat the steps I mention 4 times. Basically one for each e-mail address/account. And obvious you need 4 different folder (if you exclude the Inbox).

This should work if arrange by folder based on per e-mail address/account that you have. Unless you have something more complex in mind. Give me the details or an example of what does what and I may be able to help you. The eM Client have a pretty complete e-mail rules you can set. Just the process is a bit complicated.

This is not necessarily the situation. For example if I send a mail to you and CC/BCC to Dave then the TO field will be tncs.

Personally I think that the rules needs a total re-write. It is too inflexible as it is. I have raised this issue and hope that something happens…

However this is just a gripe. I do really like emClient and find it very useful.

Ahhh, gotcha. But I think with cases like CC/BCC are exceptions. You need more filter to fine tune these odd exception. I’m mean, mailing list generally have to a and from as your own registered address or system set address. Even with Google’s boolean syntax support filter will miss some e-mails every now and than.

It all depends on what Dave want to do. From my understand, he want to arrange by account which he receives. Which in this case, eM client can do the job.

But, yeah I agree with you, though for me eM Client rule are efficient enough, but it complicated to set. The first time I was like, what?? Some work is definitely needed it.

I think I am not communicating what I am trying to, very well. Let me retry.

I have 10 email accounts, that I have to check daily. Lets say that 4 of them are and 4 others are A and which arent important, I check them via http.

So I set up the 8 accounts in the accounts area. Took me a little while to get everything set up the way I liked it, but its done. So now I go to set up my rules. I set up dave(at) (so there arent silly clickable email links that go nowhere) to process by account dave(at) to be moved to folder Dave. Then I set up the next paypalin(at) to be processed by account and messages to be moved to folder Paypal Inbound. The next, paypalout(at) to be processed by account and messages to be moved to Paypal Outbound. Next, I set up dmav(at) to process by account to move messages to folder Dmav, except messages with [yadayada] in the subject line then move those messages to folder Yadayada. and so on.

I think you have the idea what I am doing, and as per your explanation, these rules should process each message and put the messages in the correct folder. However, here’s what happens.

I open EM Client, and mail starts to come in and ALL of the messages are processed by the dave(at) account, and all of the messages go into folder Dave. Mail finishes coming in, and I’m left to sort through however many messages I received to move them manually to the various folders.

So I have played with this for two days. I couldnt find any way to set it up to have the email messages process correctly. I *DO* understand that ‘some’ messages get messed up. Its happened forever. But this is all of the messages.

I also registered for the free license, and discovered that only two accounts can be processed without upgrading to the PRO version. Yes, I can go flip the Enable this account checkmark to each account for processing, but it would have been nice to find this information BEFORE spending almost a week trying to configure this program. There is nothing in the documentation available online explaining this.


Have you set the “processed by account” option in the rules? Otherwise it the messages will be parsed by the first rule that fits.

Ok, I did go back and reread what I entered above.

In my description, as I was typing along, I realize now that I did didnt say “processed by account paypalin(at)” and so on. I figured that it would be understood as I was typing that I wasnt a complete newb, and was setting the accounts appropriately for each rule.

*I* know…you cant take anything for granted out there, especially in the tech world, and *I* should have been more specific.

Well we have to start with the obvious. No offense meant.

I just did a little test here. I have 2 IMAP accounts, and 1 POP3 account. I set one of my rules to “processed by account” and then sent a mail to myself. As far as I can see the the message was processed correctly. I’ll carry on playing around with this when I get a chance.

I am beginning to wonder if maybe there is something broken in my copy of the installed program. You and tncs dont seem to be having a problem. I’m split screening the settings and this window, and everything is set up in each account like tcns says to have it. I applied the rules and all the messages (i do have the checkbox in include subfolders) went to my first folder, again. /sigh

I for one cant say that a rewrite of all the rules in necessary as you indicated above. But I think that an addition wouldnt be out of the question. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that I have been spoilt. I used The Bat! extensively and the rules system it has (they call it sorting office) is spectacular. Unfortunately the IMAP support is a bit flakey, that is why I now use emClient.

IMAP support has improved in the latest encarnation, but SSL certificate handling is broken as far as I am concerned, plus quite a few other little niggles, so that is why I stay with emClient.

I’m toying with the idea of looking at windows live mail, which is supposed to be the ‘new’ outlook express. still reading up on it.

I looked at it a while back and it was too restrictive, before purchasing emClient. The filtering was too restrictive, it couldn’t filter across IMAP accounts. I consolidate all my mail into one IMAP account. I then have all my mail available from one point. Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express before it, couldn’t handle it.

Apart from that it actually looked quite good.


Don’t know what to say Dave. From what you described, the rule methods suppose to work, as you are process by account. Though eM client is quite new, some bug here and there is expected. Though I’m quite satisfied as best free alternative out of the other programs I tried.

But yeah, I did mention to eM client before the documentation really need work. The 2 account limitation was even more bogus when I find out later that each additional calendar in Google Cal requires an additional account, even though it all under the same user. Hence - no multiple cal support. That makes the 2 account even more ridiculous. Plus, I’m experiencing the bug that it doesn’t automatically mark read - which looks like I’m the only one having that problem as well.

As for 2 e-mail account limitation, this is what I did. I signed up a new Google e-mail where it retrieves all my other e-mail (only receive, I don’t send with these). I setup e-mail rules via Gmail and arrange them by folder/label. Than I use IMAP in Gmail to retrieve for eM Client. This is sufficient if you don’t intend to send mail with all the account you have.

Ok dmavreticwork, try to update .NET2 to the SP2:…

Let me known if this works.