Message rules dialog

I would find it very useful to have the message rule names alphabetized in the rules dialog.

I have over three hundred rules defined and when I need to modify one, I usually end up just giving up finding the one I want to modify, and close the dialog.

Also, in the rule definition dialog, the addition of a new condition called 'from contains" would be very useful. A string would be entered which, if found anywhere in the from address, the rule would match.
I have several messages coming in with different usernames with the same “from” domain. With this change they could all be processed with one rule.

I find eM Client a really good product overall.


I would hope this is not implemented without giving the user the option to OPT OUT.

Just curious. Why would you not want the have the rule names alphabetized?

I am a FIRM believer that the user should be given control of as many settings as is technically possible, rather than the developer forcing their personal ‘beliefs’ on the user.

I find it necessary to be able to place some rules in other than alphabetical order, manually, to control execution.

Are you sure the order the rules are listed in the dialog is the order they are executed?

Are you sure they are not? So far it appears so… of course I always leave open the possibility that I could be wrong.

I’m not sure they are not. I have no need for rules to be executed in any particular order.

You may not, others may want… that’s my point… give the user control by making the decision a setting.

Opt out is just fine with me. I just want the ability to have the rule names alphabetized.

The beauty of CHOICE…

just use a grid control for the dialog with the option of sorting by click on the header column. e.g. DevExpress gridcontrol … this would give you also search option, delete option etc.

Because it is not a list of Rules, it is a sequence of events and will be applied in that order. Can you imagine the embarrassment of having a Rule named Boss forwarding all your messages to your boss BEFORE the spam filter Rule weeds out the undesirables?

Yes, absolutely sure.

Search functionality for rule names in the Rules dialog would solve this issue as well. No need to change the execution order of the rules.


Oh absolutely. Regardless of what order you have your Rules in, if you have to scroll to display any of your Rules, a search function is a HUGE time saver.

I must admit though, once I have my Rules setup, I very seldom go back there to add or change anything. :wink: