Message received: No License. I cannot send mails.

I have the basic version 7.0.27943 of eM Client. I was under the impression this version is free, but I have received a message that I have no license and mails cannot be sent from the account. Please advise. 

To get a Free License for Personal use go to the following EMClient URL . Then fill out your details, and once you receive the email with the license, Go to Menu / Help / License and click Activate and Insert your license.

Thank you …it started sending and receiving again - even before I could do that. Can’t understand why I get the message ‘You don’t have a license’ every once in a while!

Ok great its working now :slight_smile:

Could be some sort of Windows registry type error with the license not eg: 100% activated even though its showing active. If it happens again, I would recommend to deactivate and re-activate your license again via the same method, and then close and reopen EMClient. If then still doing it, suggest to backup EMClient using the builtin backup program, and then uninstall and reinstall etc…

Thank you