message origin

When I have spam mail, I cannot seem to find the origin with full detail of address etc. of the originator, so that I can use the info to stop it,. It was easily found via properties, for each message on Outlook Express. What am I missing please?

Right-click on the message and choose View mail header.

ah yes thank you. Will these messages, some unpleasant, always go to junk if I “apply a rule”, for example country of origin,whatever I, do or can they be stopped before appearing in my folders, please? I am 80 and fairly clued up but not just sure on this point.

You can’t use country of origin in a Rule, and eM Client cannot detect country of origin anyway.

The usual process in eM Client is to right-click on the unwanted message in your Inbox and choose Move to Junk, and then choose one of the options. This will blacklist either an address or a domain. Any future email from that sender will automatically be moved to Junk without you seeing it.