Message moved from em client to webmail keeps going back to emclient

I have been having some issues lately, whenever i move a message from eMclient to the main box(Webmail), after few minutes, the messages comes back to eMclient. I moved them again to the mail box( webmail) it shows in emclient that the message is in inbox but when i check the webmail box, the messages are not there. only shows in emclient but not in the main box

What type of account do you have ? eg: POP, IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud.

If you have a POP account that would be normal as these type of accounts d/l messages from the server end inbox to your mail client Inbox and then clear the message from the server end, unless you set your account setup in your mail client to “leave a copy of messages on the server”.

If you have a Non POP account then the message on the server inbox and your mail client inbox will normally both be there. So all depends on how you have setup your account in eM Client.

Go to “Menu / Accounts” and click on your email account on the left, and then update this thread with what the “first two tabs” say along the top.

Thanks for that, but please is there a way to chat with outside here, i could really use some help on this as this is giving me a hell of a problem

Is there a way to chat with outside here.

There is no ph number to chat directly if that’s what you mean, however if you have purchased the program and still inside your support period, then go to and login at the top left and you will get VIP support via an engineer assigned to you.

If you have run out of your support period, you can extend that via the following