Message does not automatically mark read with IMAP

I’m using GMail with IMAP. Some of the folders I have select “Download Message for Offline Use”, some with image as well, some don’t have at all. With folders that are using “Download Message for Offline Use”, message doesn’t automatically mark read regardless the duration. I have to manually select “Mark as read”.

For folders that doesn’t have any Offline option checked, don’t have such problem, as it initiate synchronization when I click on the folder.

I just realized it not just my IMAP e-mail that uses message offline. My local folder is the same. I’ve changed the time setting to play around and it the same. Only e-mail that has on-the-fly IMAP access get auto mark read.

Am I the only one having this problem in eM 3.0?

one reason why this error happens is error in original version of Microsoft .NET 2.0 . Therefor please try to install .NET 2.0 SP2 from… and we will see if it was this problem.

Finally download the junk from MS and yes, it fixed the problem… This is why .NET suck.

We also added a workaround for the problem to eM Client 3.5.

I hope its the 3.5 beta2 you referring to. As the 3.0 was working correctly with the .NET 2.0 SP2, but problem now arise randomly with 3.5 beta1.

Any update on this issue? Frustrating

Do you still encounter this problem? Did you install the .NET service pack?