Message Ctr tab?

I had this message :

eMClient a détecté l’activation de la touche Contrôle. Voulez-vous démarrer en mode hors ligne ?
eMClient detected Control Key (?). Do you want to start off line?

I checked “No” and anything is okay. Where does this Control come from?
Version 6.0.20617.0

Hi, I believe this was during opening the application? If you hold the ctrl button while clicking on the application and holding it while it loads up, eM Client will start in an “Offline mode”, which lets you review your email without any synchronization, this is good while you might be travelling etc.

Hope this clears it,

your reply is very clear, but I was not holding the ctrl button while the application was opening. It was after the data base verifying after a crash of my computer (crash due to another program). May be I holded the control button on the other program before the crash and eMClient kept it in his memory (sorry for my bad english and stupid joking).

Hi, it would be hard to determine what might have caused this issue, but the ctrl button does trigger this option while loading up.

Thank you,

Thank you Paul. Now, I know this function and don’t bother about cause.

No problem, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,