Merging contacts

Please provide a merge option in context menu, after selecting two or more contacts. It’s really useful. Thanks.

Hi Reza, if you have duplicate contacts in eM Client, you can use the “deduplicator” which goes through a selected folders and finds all your duplicates, you can then select to merge these contacts into one.

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Hi, I’m aware of that feature. Unfortunately it can not find most of duplicate. Particularly when a contact contains email and another one contains mobile phone of a single person. A manual mere is absolutely necessary.  

Yes unfortunately contacts are matched based on their name and email address. We’ll consider adding a merge feature into future releases of eM Client.

Thank you for the suggestion,

I agree, “Me Too”

I found out that you can drag a contact on another one to merge. However it do not delete the dragged contact automatically. I seems to be a bug.  

Hi Reza, yes this should be a working feature, we’re currently working on some improvements to upcoming releases of eM client.

Thank you for reporting this issue,

I tried to drag a contact over other, it does not work. I wish so hard it to be working.

Another way, eM already have the option to select a contact in gray , one last thing is missing to put in Content menu a button says Merge Selected contacts.

eM standart Merge contacts options works as bulk or cancel. I wish at least there be an option to select found dublicate contacts to avoid merge.

Hi Vitaly, you can either force the merge of contacts by drag and dropping the contact onto another contact, or use the deduplicator feature to find duplicates and select what to do with each duplicate in selected folders.

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The first option you suggested simply does not work for me. I wish it be working.
The second option is missing selecting of skip merge contacts .

Correction: The merge by dragging of contacts works only if I see all contacts. After I used a search box with specific name, it does not work.

After dragging of contact over other, nothing happend exept added the same phone number as secondary phone number, so I have to delete the original dragged contact and come back to merged contact to delete the dublicate fields. I am sure it is not the way the merging suppose to be working.

Hi again Vitaly, thank you for reporting this issue, sorry for any inconvenience cause, we’ve tested that the merge feature on search is only unavailable for business card and custom view. I’ve reported the issue to our dev team and our developers will be working on a fix for the feature to upcoming updates of the application.

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