Merging 2 Contacts is Misleading

If I merge 2 contacts in a list by moving the last one over the first one the unified contact is to be found in the second one. That is embarrassing, because it is expected in the first one.

I am not able to reproduce that.

The popup asks if I want to merge the second (234) with the first (123), and thereafter the first correctly displays the merged data, whereas the second remains as it was.

What version of eM Client is this with (Menu > Help > About)
Is the contact synced with a server, or in a local folder?

It was 2 with the same name, pls. try again to reproduce.

With the same name, they will be reordered, and the updated one is now second.

So in this example I dragged the one with the eM Client logo onto the one without the logo. So 11@2 onto 22@3

After the merge, the new one is listed second.


Maybe we should have a merge and delete original option, so there is no confusion.