Menu>help>license DOES NOT EXIST

So eM Client support are saying that they’ve updated my license and have given me a new key which I should update in menulicense. But there is no “license” heading under “help”. Where do I enter the key???

There is normally an Activate or Deactivate button.

So if it’s already registered, click Deactivate and then click Activate again and enter new key.

If you don’t see an Activate or Deactivate button then it’s either a Windows Store version that updates from there, or a Beta version that doesn’t have a key which then needs to be updated.

So if you don’t see an Activate or Deactivate go to Menu / Help and update what version you have.

It is indeed a Beta version, installed by an eM Client support member who took control of my screen only a few weeks ago. I see no option to “update” in Menu>Help. How do I do that please?

It is indeed a Beta version

Ok as you have eM Client V10 Beta, you can now download the official release version 10.0.3123 for Windows or Mac via the release history page below. Close eM Client before updating.

Once updated you will then have the License menu appear to activate & enter your key.

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