Meetings requests for aliases don't show in calendar

I have two accounts: one Exchange and one IMAP. On the IMAP account I have setup one extra alias for that same IMAP account.

When I receive a meeting request for the IMAP account, it gets written to my Exchange calendar just fine. However, last week I got a meeting request for my alias. The email section of eMClient recognizes that the request has come for my alias and  it behaves exactly as the meeting request to my original IMAP name. But the entry is not shown in the calendar. I almost missed a meeting because of this.

Do I need to flip a setting or do something to make the calendar show meetings for my alias?

My version is 7.1.32792.0.

As far as I know, meeting requests sent to an alias should show up in the calendar for the parent account. You might look in the IMAP account’s default calendar to see if it is there.  If you have not specified a calendar for the account, it could be in the Local Folders calendar.

If events from that calendar are not displayed, click the colored box next to the calendar name (not the name itself). Only calendars whose boxes are ticked will be simultaneously displayed in the day/week/month display.

If you are viewing your events in the Agenda Sidebar, you can select which calendars are displayed by clicking the settings cog next to Agenda.

Thanks, it was in the Local Folders calendar.

However, part of the problem was that I do not have any local calendars in my Calendar view. Everything I do is based on the one online Exchange calendar. So I could not even click on the local calendar checkbox to see if there is anything there. So eMClient basically hid a calendar entry somewhere where I had no real visibility or access. This is really really not a good way of handling it. Can you please add a check on the calendar save action that it will, gasp, ask the user where the meeting should be saved if the calendar is not specified.

Had to go via Agenda view - View calendar entries to see it and then I could move it to the correct calendar.