Meetings not added to agenda

I’m having an issue with the software that I cannot seem to fix it. I am running version 9.1.2125.

Every time I get a meeting and click the Accept button, that meeting is not added into the Agenda sitting in the right-hand side. Also it does not pop-up as a notification when the meeting is approaching or running.
The meeting however gets put up in the calendar.

I am connected to the calendar on my internal email server trough CalDav, but I have tried with some accounts from Google and they do no not work also.
Did a test with Thunderbird and looks like everything works perfectly.

Any idea will be welcomed.


Click on the settings cog to the right of the word Agenda.


Make sure the calendar to which this is added is selected to display in the Agenda (Choose Folders), and that you have selected an appropriate upcoming time to include that event (Show Upcoming Events).

Hi Gary,
Thank you for the reply and I can confirm it is working but now another issue popped-up. Maybe this should be another threat, but anyway, here it is.

When I click the Accept button in the meeting invitation looks like emClient is saving the meeting locally, it is not coming from the server. Wired thing is that if I manually refresh emClient (F5) the meeting from the server pops-up in the Agenda, but if I open the Webclient, the meeting was not accepted on the server side.


Looks like emClient does not have permission to write in the server calendar, and I can confirm this by creating a new meeting in emClient and when trying to send it I get the bellow.