meeting request accepted but does not show info within the email

Accepting a meeting request from a user adds to event to the calendar but does not add the info to the email after accepting. The email only shows “you replied to this message on the date and time”  I tested and was not able to replicate as the meeting info showed in the email after accepting

So this is an intermittent problem? With which online calendar provider is this?

this is via sending a calendar invite from say my phone. The user uses Em client instead of outlook.  syncs exchange to em 

And who is the Exchange provider? Is it their company server, or some other provider?

They use exchange server in house. He uses the EM client to sync his data instead of outlook. This is occurring in the EM CLIENT not showing the data in the email after accepting the invite

It may be some server configuration issue. I just tried it on an Exchange account, and it worked fine.

The best option is probably for him to open a support ticket with eM Client. They might need more information from him, but I am sure they will be able to help.

its only intermittent. so should they open a ticket they same way or is there a support line?

If it is not working as it should, then he should open a support ticket. As a Pro License user he is entitled to VIP Support, and either they will be able to assist him, or the problem can be passed to the developers.

The address is