Meeting invitations don't leave the outbox

I am using a Google App Calendar and when I create meetings and add attendees then the meeting invitations stays in the Outbox. It doesn’t help to click on the Send/Receive button so what I do is to open each invitation email separately and click send.

Send us logs please: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check Network communication. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window.

The log file totals more than 40 MB. I think you will have to do the simulations on your own.

I have multiple IMAP accounts and I have a calendar account linking to my calendar in company’s Google Domain. Whenever I create a calendar entry and add other attendees, eM Client asks me if I would like to send invitations to these attendees to which I answer “yes”. After that nothing happens and the invitation email just remains in the Outbox.

If I then click on Send/Receive then nothing happens, the invitation email is still there. BUT if I open the email in the outbox and clicks on Send, then the email is actually sent. HOWEVER, when the email is received it only contains a subject saying “Invitation to XXXX” and doesn’t include a link to the actual calendar event for the recipient to report whether he is attending or not.

SAme problem here, althought the invitation is sent to the 3rd parties involved in the meeting, an item in the outbox never dissapear unless manually delete ( this all happens with google calenda)

Can you please at least send us some of the problematic invitations (saved as .eml file) to with a reference to this topic?

i replicated the problem and I’m sending the .EML

How can there not be an update when it is 2 months ago that this extremely serious problem was reported?

Whenever a meeting is created or changed (incl. deleted) the meeting message does not leave the outbox.

Sorry - not 2 months … It is now 3 months - that’s THREE months! Are you doing waterfall development?

my colleague replied to your question in our support system. It is ticket No. 3885.

" … there have been some related fixes for the issues with invitations stuck in the Outbox. Please install the following version and let me know.
Note that existing invites in the Outbox (if any) still won’t leave, but new ones should work.…"


George Wilson
eM Client