meeting.ics not being added to the calendar correctly (1 hour off)

I am using 6.0.20154.0.  My computer is set to Mountain time.  I received a .ics for a meeting that begins at 2:30pm Eastern.  When I add it to my calendar, eM puts it in as beginning at 1:30pm.  It should be 12:30pm.

Hi, what mail service are you using? Can you try right click the calendar folder the event is saved in and select Properties > Repair, and click on the repair button.

Let me know if it helps, thank you,

I am using gmail.  The repair seems to have worked.

Great! I hope it will stay that way, if you see the issue again, check back with us, or if you have any other issues or questions about the application let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,