Meeting hours in calendar (wide view) are off by 1 hr on Mac. When opening the timing is correct.

Looking at the calendar of the working week, all meetings are 1 hr off. When opening each single meeting, the hour is correct. What should I do to rectify this behavior? I am using version: 7.2.35700.0 on a Mac computer.

The day/week/month view will show event times adjusted to your current time zone, but when you open the event, the details will show the time with a time zone. They may be different zones.

Here is an example from my own calendar.

This event was created in my home time zone UTC. You can see the zone in the event detail.

I am currently visiting relatives in UTC + 2, so in the month view the start time has been automatically adjusted to my local time.

When I go back home to time zone UTC, the month view will again show the game starting at 00.00.

eM Client gets it’s current time zone from your computer settings, so check that is set correctly.

I synch my calendar with google calendar and I noticed that all the entries in emClient show the time in UTC. My desktop and google calendar are both set for time zone GMT+2 MEZ.

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