Mass mailing errors

I did a mass mailing 2 days ago and since then I’ve been getting a constant stream of error messages “Cannot send message (Email recipient not accepted by the server)”.

I believe this is due to a single email which bounced saying sql user is over quota. Is there a way to stop EM from attempting to deliver that message and/or stop sending error messages?

Depends where the error message is coming from.

If the error comes from eM Client, then the message is still in eM Client. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General and click on Show Local Folders. Then go the Local Folder Outbox and delete the message.

If the error is in the form of an email coming from the server, then there is nothing to do. Re-read the error  message. It most likely says that the message could not be delivered and it will try again for some days before giving up.

Thanks for the quick response. The message was still in Outbox.