mass mail as default

Is there a way to set Mass mailing to default? I want to use eM Client exclusively for this option,and not being able to set it as default makes the client unusable for me, as it is very easy to get mixed up between the two options and distribute your recipient list by accident!
Thank you in advance

Hi Dimitris.

Unfortunately that is not possible. If you are not using the variables option in mass mailing, you could consider adding your recipients as BCC then they would not see the other addresses.

Another option is to disable sending mail immediately. Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Send > Send messages immediately. So when you click on Send the messages move to the Outbox until the next sync interval. That way if you make a mistake you can delete the messages from your Outbox before they are sent. It is not foolproof because the sync might happen before you get to delete them.

I am familiar with the BCC option, I just want to avoid it because it affects deliverability, or so it is said.

Thank you for your answer.

I have not personally had a problem with BCC, but I seem to recall some questions about that. Can’t remember if they were resolved as problems with the user, eM Client or the server, or a combination.

Assuming there are no problems, there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

BCC uploads a single email to your server, whereas the mass mail feature uploads a single email for each recipient. So BCC will go much quicker and you will only have a single email in your Sent folder. Some servers limit the number of recipients per email, so you could not send BCC to 500 addresses using GMail for example (can’t remember the exact number). You might not be able to send 500 individual emails either, but using mass mail the remainder will stay in your Outbox till the next day. Of course there is the customization of sent messages per recipient using mass mail which is not there in BCC.