Mass deletion from filtered list doesn't work

Hello there.
I have inbox with 100+ thousand emails. I apply filter “all before 20 April” and select 25000 of them. Then I press ‘delete’. Popup appears and deletion takes about 2 hours. During this time I get about 500 new letters in this Inbox.
After deletion finishes I see all these emails in Trash folder. But I still see all these emails in Inbox also. They are not removed from Inbox.
Emptying Trash does not remove them from Inbox.
When I delete small amounts (10-500 email) everything works as should be, problem appears only for 1000+ amounts.

Win 7, eM Client 5.0.17944, IMAP account
Please fix it


Could you please take a few screenshots of this behaviour and post them here? Or video perhaps?

it took 40 minutes.
And please close ticket. Problem was with SMTP server requested autentication while I hadn’t provide it. So deletion not reflected on mail server.
Still this is ambiguous behavior where messages go to Trash.