I do not want my laptop to Sync emails with my tablets

If I turn off Sync in Menu-Tools will this still allow mail to load in both laptop and tablets?

My mail is IMAP

Hello Margaret,

Which emails do you wish not to sync? The nature of IMAP protocol is a 2-way sync between your device and the mail server which means that all emails will be synced between all your devices.


Hello Russel
I have installed eM Client on my laptop and would like to have the option for the emails not to sync with my tablets if this is possible?

Regards Margaret

Hello Margaret,

If you don’t wish to immediately sync emails, you can put eM Client to the offline mode (Menu > File > Work offline).

You can also set the email account as POP3 on your primary device. This will download the messages from the server right after these are received and remove them from the server. Therefore the emails won’t be synced with your tablets. But please note that it’s important to create backup regularly if your account is set as POP3.


Thank you Russel

Sorry Russel I forgot to ask.  If I want to permanently stop sync between my laptop and tablets if I turn off Sync in Menu>Tools in eM Client will emails still load in laptop and tablets?