Marking Message 'Unread'

would it be possible to change the way how you treat “unread messages”?

I mark some messages that are important to me as “unread” for organisational reasons. The top message - even if I marked it ‘unread’ after each reboot turns automatically to status ‘read’

I don’t want to change the parametres for every messages (mark as read after xx seconds) , but I would like that the messages that I marked as ‘unread’ stay unread until I mark manually myself as ‘read’

Would it be possible to introduce a feature that keeps all messages that I marked as ‘unread’ as ‘unread’ even if go on it with the cursor?

Thanks in advance

The thing is if the message is displayed in the preview pane, eM Client assumes you have read it. There is no AI in the application to decipher your eye or brain movements. :wink:

The only way to prevent that is to disable the preview pane, or maybe find a better way of marking messages as important. There are tags and flags, which are meant for that exact purpose.

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Thanks for your reply.
It would be nice if EM Client could just remember the messages that I manually mark unread.
(like a log file to memorize the action)

Just a suggestion for a future update :wink:

PS : I use flag for other context and I don’t know what is tags ?
Please explain me

Tags used to be called categories. They are like the flag, but you can have many of them. You also have the option to show them in separate folders just like those you flag.

It is easy enough to assign a tag to a message by clicking on the tag icon.

You can also have multiple tags per message, and they show is color icons in the message list.

They will also remain there until you manually unselect them. :wink:

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Thanks a lot for the screenshots and the explanation.
Tag it’s to sort émails, I use that at work with Outlook, I keep/prefere my first idea :wink:

Please keep in mind somewhere my request :yum: :innocent:
(like a log file to memorize the action)