Mark read from new mail notification

4 years ago I posted to request a feature where eM Client allows a user to mark a new email as “Read” straight from the new mail pop-up notification, having a button on that pop up that automatically marks the new mail as read, without actually having to open up the email.
Now what I don’t get is Em Client marked my feature post as “implemented”, BUT they have NOT implemented it!!
The options that are given on the new mail notification is … Flag, Bin(delete), Reply, and a “X” which all it does is close the notification (does NOT mark it as read) … so even although eM Client marked my pfeature request as implement, it is NOT implemented!
And when I followed up on my post to ask what’s going on, they simply just ignored my post!
So again what gives? Why after all this time can you not add something that would be so useful but simple?!

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Blah you suck! I give up. Pathetic support and app.

I tried to find your post from years back, but it seems your profile is not viewable.

Anyway, sorry you feel that way Rob. I have always had good experiences with eM Client staff. Of course, this forum may leave many frustrated because it is a community support forum, and not a direct connection to the company.

Sorry to see you go after so long. Hope you have better luck elsewhere.

And 3 years later still no “Mark as read” button on the notification

Pretty disappointing, not gonna lie…

I’m going to post on all the open threads about this matter and see If they notice and add this simple feature.

Please don’t duplicate your posts by copy and paste in every thread you find.

I would also like to have this.
How could I “vote” for this idea?

Would also like this Feature. Paying user here (if that matters). Would especially like to see the option on Android as well

Honestly the app is great, wouldn’t be paying for it if I didn’t like it. Just needs minor tweaks like these

Suggest to add your vote for Mark as read on New mail notification to the existing Sleek Plan ideas and voting page.

(Incoming mail notification button customisation / mark as read)