Mark for download issue

how can i avoid, ‘mark for download’ situation? And how can I stay always online, I use emclient to access mails from my yahoo & google mail accounts. Thanks!

EM Client has no control over your internet connection, and by default it always start up as online, even if you didn’t connect to the internet.

Are your PC connected to the internet via a router and directly using a modem?

via a router

When a message has the mark for download button, it means the program has download the e-mail header, but not the full message. This usually only happens when:

  1. You did not specify to download the e-mail for your IMAP account for offline use. You can do so via right click on the name of your IMAP account (by the navi panel on the left) / or each individual IMAP folder -> Property -> Offline -> enable ‘Download message for offline use’ and ‘Include attachment and images’.

  2. Your connection disconnected before the full message was downloaded. Refer to your manual setting of the router and change the disconnect time-out longer or always on.