Mark as read doesn't remove from unread folder immediatly

I am testing eM as a replacement for Opera Mail.

In Opera Mail, if you are viewing the “unread” emails folder, and mark an email as read, it gets removed from the folder immediatly, and the next email is automatically highlighted. This means you can press “mark as read” 5 times, to mark 5 consecutive emails as read, without having to select each email individually.

In eM Client, it seems to stay around until I look at a different folder, then switch back to the unread folder.

Is there a way to make marking an email as read remove it from the Unread folder as soon as the button is pressed?


Marking an email as “Read” just means it removes the bold subject and changes it to a non bold or “Read” status. It doesn’t move the email from its original folder location when you mark it read.

That’s how normal email clients have always worked. Opera Mail must have implemented some optional function.

If you want to automatically move email when it arrives to a specific folder when email comes in, you can “Right Click” on the “Senders” email address in the “body of the email” and click “Create Rule from”.  You can then create a rule to move a specific senders email to a folder of your choice.

I think you may have misunderstood what I said.

eM has a “Smart Folders” section in the mail client. One of them (on a fresh install) is for displaying exclusively “unread” emails.

So when I mark an email as being “read”, I would expect it to no longer be inside the “Unread” smart folder. The email doesn’t physically move anywhere, its just no longer flagged as being “unread”, as such it doesn’t belong in that smart folder any more. (Personally I would have called it a filter rather than a smart folder, but each to their own)

When I click onto another folder, and then back onto the “unread” smart folder, the email will have been removed from the smart folder. As I would expect.

What I am asking is, is there a way for that to be done in realtime as I mark emails as being read? Rather than having to switch folders constantly to force the UI to refresh.

Ok. Yes i have now tested that and yes its not real-time and only dissapears from the unread smart folder when you click to another folder and come back. Sounds like an update option in settings is needed for that to work.

Ps It could be intentional as you might want to eg: reply straight away to the email so if it dissapeared after you read it, that would be annoying. I think it was designed that way just to show you the unread messages.

I personally don’t use smart folders. I disable that in settings as prefer to go straight to the inbox.

I guess I should give a bit of context. Opera mail by default doesn’t mark emails as read once you have looked at them. Instead, when they arrive in your inbox, the text is blue, once you have opened it, it goes black. Then once you have clicked “read”, it goes to a thinner font (or disappears if viewing the unread filter).

For me that was really useful, since I could look at an email, then click “read” if I was done with it, or leave it if I needed to do something (like a todo list). Being able to see whether I have glanced at an email was useful for knowing if I had already made that decision.

Its probably a similar workflow to what people achieve using the archive function in some email systems. But I guess Opera Mail has ruined email workflow for me, because I used it for 8 years. Now that its discontinued nothing I have tried has been flexible enough to fit that workflow. eM is the closest I have found so far though.

I didn’t take this image, but you can see how its not hugely different to eM.