MAPI email client?

In order to email a pic from Coral PhotoShopX, the program states that it requires a MAPI email client. Can eM Client be set up this way?

Hi, yes eM Client is a Mapi client, do you have the client setup as default?
When using send features in other applications, eM Client should open with a new message window, containing the attachment etc.

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When you say /do you have the client set up as default/ is the client you refer to Em Client? If so, it is set as default mail handler and I still cannot email from another program. Thanks for your help.

Is an error shown when this occurs? Can you make a screenshot of the issue?
What version of eM cleint are you currently using?

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I’m using version 6.0.20617.0 and there is no error message.  The new mail window simply doesn’t appear.  Thanks again for your help.

Hi again, have you tried this with another application (appart from Corel)?
does it work then, can you try to right click a file in windows explorer and select Send To > Mail recipient?

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AHA!  The problem seems to be with Corel.  Other programs and files send email properly.  I guess I’ll now take it up with Corel and see what the problem is.  Thanks for all your help.

Great, hope you’ll be able to resolve this issue.
Let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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This is the message I receive with Microsoft trying to email as an attachment: Any further help?

Hi, are you receiving an error from the application when you try to send the email from word?
Can you make a screenshot of the error instead of the internet help?

What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Do you have .NET framework 2 and 4 installed on your computer?

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I have eM version 6.0.20617.0
.NET framework 4.5.1
eM is set as default mail client (including MAPI)
Attached error messages

Hi Christopher, thank you, but do you have .NET framework 2 installed? If not can you please install it on your computer? That might help the issue.


That was the problem. .NET framework 2 was not active. I followed the instructions at the following link and it works great now. Thank you.…

Hi again Christopher, glad we’ve managed to resolve the issue, let me know if you come across a similar issue or any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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You say eM client supports MAPI. I just purchased a new Printer (Epson XP-820) and tried to scan a photo to email and got an error, check to see if your computer is connected to printer. Called tech support at Epson and they said eM client does not support MAPI for scanning to email. Upon checking my Accounts in eM Client, I see POP3, SMPT, but no MAPI.

Hi, MAPI is not an email protocol so you won’t be able to see it under your account settings. eM Client does support MAPI (SMAPI), you should be able to check if MAPI’s working by using “Send to > Recipient” on one of your files on the computer. If this is working, it should not be an issue of the application.

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for the functioning em Client and EPSON Scan is required to edit the file MailerDB.ini

[eM Client]

Thank you for the response! I’ve searched through all the internet but this solution really finally helped!