Many questions

  1. Is there an app for downloading on the smartphone (iphone)?

  2. Can you enlarge the font on the left (in other words, the folder Inbox, Drafts etc.)? Would be better to read.

  3. I use IMAP. How can I, for instance, Move the Drafts folder up? Better, how can I order the order of the folders, as I would like them? For some folders I can right-click with the mouse “Move folders” (as I said, only for some). But I can then only move to another folder (are then displayed as subfolders).

  4. My sister has a PC and I have a PC. We live together in an apartment and go to the Internet with both computers via the EasyBox (Vodafone). Do I and my sister now request a free license (so two free licenses)? Or is it enough to ask for a free license for both of us? And if I and my sister want to buy the Pro version, then I have to buy 2 licenses? Or is a license for us both sufficient? And what about “Upgrade to Lifetime Upgrades”? I assume two computers means you also have to buy two licenses, whether on Pro version or when you book lifetime upgrades, right?

Lets see…

  1.  No, it is currently just a windows based program with the promise of a MacOS port
  2.  No.  You can change the font for messages and lists, but not the folders panel.
  3.  For special (system) folders like drafts and junk, you cannot.  Others, yes.
  4.  A license is for one PC only.  2 PC’s will require two separate licenses (and therefore 2 emails to register), one for each computer.  If you get multiple pro  (or lifetime) licenses, they can be added to the same email registration.

Sorry for all the “no’s”!!