Manually trigger execution of rule

Hi Support!

I’m currently evaluating eM Client. My main focus is to handle E-Mail efficiently. I get lots of mails which require several activities from me. For legal reasons I have to keep a copy of those mails but I want to keep my inbox clean. My workflow is as described below:

  1. new mail arrives in inbox (no rules apply)

  2. I read the mail

  3. I perform required activity

  4. I move the mail to an archive folder

  5. goto step 1 
    Step 4 is tedious in eM client:

  6. select the mail

  7. press shortcut for “Move to folder…”

  8. select the target folder

  9. press OK.
    My feature request:

  • allow to trigger the execution of a rule manually
  • the rule must be defined previously
  • there must be a shortcut assigned to the rule
  • the rule will be applied on any item of the current selection
  • there can be more than one “manual” rules with different shortcuts
  • no confirmation or selection dialogs pop up 
    Step 4 of my workflow will change to
  1. select the mail
  2. press shortcut for rule
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This feature is yet missing on my list of rules enhacements. At least manual execution of a single rule would be handy to test the rule definition.

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Hello Markus, unfortunately it is not possible to setup a shortcut for a custom rule or to apply rule on a single message only. However you can apply rules manually on your items by defining the rule in Tools > Rules, and running the rule manually on your mail folder (e.g. Inbox), right click the folder in the left pane and select “Apply Rule”, you can select which rule will be run on the folder and perform the action.

Hope this helps,

This would be a really great feature. Outlook has this feature and I use it all the time at work. It would be great if eM Client supported this. Then I would have no need for Outlook!

+1. Outlook has this feature and I use it constantly. It would be awesome if eM Client could do this!

+1. This is the Outlook feature I miss most. I use it to move individual e-mails to a certain folder with just one click.

Actually this doesn’t work (according to elsewhere in this forum).  Because there are only two triggers, the rules don’t work manually because they have not JUST BEEN RECEIVED or sent.

Yep for the current message, by folder or by SMARTFOLDER.  In Eudora this is the insanely useful CTRL-J.

I create a rule.  I CTRL-A the list I am processing and CTRL-J and the rule is invoked for all the messages that I am currently reviewing.

Note I have over 26,000 messages so missing this function, especially as the search function is so iffy, is wasting a great deal of time.