Manual local archive - how to set up so automatic would also recognise it

Can I create a folder tree in the local off-line storage that would look like this:

Archive - local offline folder (Top of tree folder name) Could I re-name “Offline Archive”?


  • Folder name the same as inside online archive folder
  • Folder name the same as inside online archive folder
  • Folder name not in online archive
  • Folder name not in online archive
    If I later want to set up automatic archiving will emC be able to recognise the first two folders and send emails I’ve put in the online Archive folder into them after the designated time period?
    Thank you!

You can’t rename the Archive folder.

WIthin the Archive folder, eM Client will duplicate the folders for each account you are archiving. It will use the existing names for the folders. You could rename one of those folders in the archive if you wish, but the next time automatic archiving runs, it will create a new folder with the original name to move files into. It won’t use your renamed folder.

Thank you Gary for your reply. I think I’m quite muddled about using the Archive folders.

If I’m wanting to organise emails in folders online and later move them to off-line archive, do I create the folders for online archive (to organise my emails outside my inbox) as sub-folders within the Archive folder within the online account? Then if I set up automatic archiving will folders with the same names appear inside the local Archive? Am I even right to create these online folders within the online archive folder at all, and if not, what is its function?

Would really appreciate clarification. Many thanks!