Manual archiving and some filtering enhancements

Dear eM Client staff! :slight_smile: I’m trying to quit Thunderbird as a New Year’s resolution. EM Client looks great, and I’ve found some friendly help in these forums to either discover the features I need, or to come up with workarounds. In the end, however, there are a three things I just don’t seem to be able to do:

  1. Manual archiving

I’m using a vanilla IMAP server, and virtually every mail client I ever came across can manually archive single mails, usually via the context menu. For some reason, it seems like eM Client can only do this with gmail accounts. Is there any chance this feature will be added? I simply wouldn’t know how to clean up my inbox without.

  1. Filter/search folders: Message age

Search folders work perfectly, but it isn’t possible to search by message age (e.g. messages not older than X days). Also, it seems like I can’t use search in search folders. To me, both would be tremendously helpful.

  1. Filter conditions and scheduling

In Thunderbird filtering, you can also specify “folder location” as a condition (apply - only - to mail in folder X) and run rules on a regular basis (e.g. trigger daily, or every hour). I’ve found that to be extremely useful for various operations (like keeping the mailbox tidy, especially if you access IMAP from several devices).

Before I move all my stuff, is there any chance these features might be added in the future? Or, just maybe, something is already planned? Thanks a lot!

Great ideas Mailman. You have my vote.

Is there any chance of getting a staff reply? It would be great to know what to expect.

They usually do not comment on this forum.

If you have a Pro License you can open a support ticket directly with eM Client and get feedback that way. Otherwise, as per the license agreement you accepted when registering, Free License users do not have access to eM Client staff.

The archive option you requested has already been included in the upcoming version 8.

You will need to wait for the release to see if the other items are there as well. :wink:

So as I said, the archive option is included in the version 8 beta. If you want to try it out, you can download it from the Release History.

The other two options have not been included. The search on age is something I also requested, but no luck there. Unfortunately specifying folder location probably will never be implemented as Rules apply only to the Inbox if run automatically. If you run them manually, you can specify which folders to target.