mandatory select compose account

I’m just getting started with emclient trying to replace outlook.  I have a bad habit of sending email through default accounts.  I have 2 questions:

  1. Is there some way to force me to select an account on a new email?
  2. Can I set one account to reply with another.  In other words, if I have accounts A, B and C, Can I set Both A and B to use teh A reply address while leaving C alone?
    Thnaks very much.

you should be able to disable the SMTP service under your account so that account won’t be able to be send emails.
But as far as to default accounts, you’ll be only able to send an email with an automatically assigned default address when using the “New” button for new email or when located in any email folder of this account.
Otherwise the default behavior for the client is to assign the from address as the address in which IMAP folders you’re currently located.

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If If I disable the account, I can’t send email.  Most of the time I just prefer to use a different address for various reasons.  I don’t want to to not be able to choose outgoing at all on any account so we live with this one.  It’s not the enbd of the world.

The other point was that I don’t want a default account.  Let’s see if I can make this more clear:

Reply always reply through the incoming account.  New always uses the account from the current folder.  The problem is with the Smart folders.  When I am in a smart folder, as I usually am, New always uses the first account I created.  I need to choose that outgoing account and I don’t always remember  to do that.  I never assigned a default.  It just em Client just assigned one for me.

Does that help?

Hi Dan, Reply does always reply to the incoming account if available and New always uses the account of current folder.
When located in Smart folders, the default account is used, because you’re not located in any of the account folder, if you use reply in a smart folder the account to which the email was sent to will be again selected as the from account.

Default account has to be assigned, automatically it’s the first account you add to the application, but you can chose a different account in Tools > Accounts.
There’s no option for not using a default account that is not possible.

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Thanks, Paul.  It is possible of course.  No default means I have to pick one.

It is not possible in eM Client…

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