Managing files

Besides automatic backups, how can I make a “manual backup”? Which files are important? What if the files start to be too big (even the archive file)? Which one is the archive file? Can it be renamed? Can I have more than one data file (example: mail files) opened at the same time like in Outlook? There should be more info on this urgently…

Hi, please use File - Backup only, copying eM Client’s database or only its parts is not supported.


What if backup files become too big? How can we create new files ? In outlook i had a archive pst file with 4gb and I had to rename it so there could be a new one. And now, I can also open the renamed file…

Backups are big as is your database, that is normal and I can’t imagine it to be different since backup is your database ready to be moved to another computer or to be restored from.


John, maybe I’m not making myself clear. The bigger files are, the slower is going to be everything: search, index, etc… Windows file react poorly when they are oversized… So, if you are allowed to spit up files it’s easier. Your “working file” is smaller and you’ll have other files (older emails) that you just open when you need to search for old emails. Is that so hard to understand? That’s is why i asked if you could have more than one archive file…

Hi Jaime,

It’s not possible to have multiple database files in eM Client. All data is stored in 1 database.

But the database being used (SQLite), should be able to work fast even when there’s a lot of data.

Of course, eM Client itself also needs to be programmed in such a way that it keeps working fast.

The 64 bits versions of Windows 7 and 8 should be able to cope quite well with large files.

By the way, I have the habit of saving larger attachments to my hard disk and removing those attachment from the original e-mail (to prevent the database from becoming big too fast).