Managing contacts category

I just installed EM Client after using Outlook 2007 for many years which is now a pain to use in Windows 10. I’m trying, without any success to create a New Contact groups under CONTACTS and getting an error message that’s telling me that this action is not supported!!? I have a list of 150 contacts. I send mails usually to about 30 of those contacts. I just found out that I can create a category (right button) for those contacts. GREAT! The problem is that I see them of my Global list but cannot use ONLY that category when sending messages to only members of that category. How can I do that?

Help would be greatly appreciated…thanks


Wow, I feel like an expert now, trying to post a reply… I believe you must be talking about contact categories. Categories are just a descriptor (a tag) on your contacts. However you can not send a message to a contact category. To do that, you have to create a Distribution list. A ctually, it’s easy : when showing one category on the main screen, just select all the contacts in that category, right-click, create distribution list - done.