Managing Calendar Notificationa

Hi - I am a new user and am having an issue with Calendar notifications.

If I am away from the computer for a while, I may come back and have 15 new notifications. It is hard to have to manually click through and dismiss them one by one as they pop up.

  1. I have it set up on Windows 10 so that my em notifications who up in the Windows notification tray. There is a selection there that says “Clear All Notifications” - but when I choose that they stop popping up in the moment, but eventually pop up again during my use of the Client app. How can I clear them en Masse?
  2. In Outlook you can see missed notifications all at once in a single window where you can easily review them en masse and then select the ones you want to clear, or just hit Clear All. This is a great feature as reviewing them one by one is time consuming and it interferes with the ability to do anything else. Is there a way to do this?

I like having calendar notifications active in eM Client, but I need a way to manage the multiple notifications that arise when I am not at the computer.