malwarebytes id emclient as trojan.MSIL.ED

I was runing eM Client v6.0.21372.0 and ran a malwarebytes (v2.0.4.1028) scan and it id emclient as trojan.MSIL.ED.
So then in eM Client I ran a “check for updates” and updated the eM client to v6.0.22344.0.
When I re-ran the malwarebytes scan…same problem as before…emclient identified as trojan.MSIL.ED (see screenshot below).

Anyone else run into this?

I’ve never had  an issue with MBAM in the past but have had WSA (Webroot) issues with certain versions every now and again. I have had to get on to WSA and have the client folder ‘whitelisted’. You could upload to ‘Virus Total’ and check. If all ok,  If all ok you can add to exclude.

Thanks DavidC for your response.
I uploaded the 3 DLL’s to VirusTotal and re-ran the scan…all 3 detection rations were 0/56.
So in MBAM I added an exception to these files.

Hello David, this seems to be an issue with the latest release of Malwarebytes, we’ve come across the issue before, however unfortunately this is due to an issue of the third party application.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi Paul…thanks for your response.  Yes I had been using MBAM fine until these last couple of database updates started to identify emClient as a trojan.  So I created a exception in MBAM for emClient and all is OK for now.

Hello David, thank you for following up, glad to hear it works, make sure to let me know if the issue reoccurs or if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you.