Making mouse scrollwheel work in the message box

Had been looking for a way to get my mouse scrollwheel to scroll in the message box (like it does everywhere else in eM). Couldn’t find an answer on this forum, so, in messing around on my own, I discovered that the mouse scrollwheel works in the message box if you hold down the “Alt” key while turning the mouse wheel.

Being a new user, I may be the only one here who didn’t know that, but thought I’d post just to be sure others can find this information.

Glad you found a solution, and shared your idea, but you shouldn’t have to do anything other than scroll the wheel. That is all I have ever had to do.

You don’t perhaps have any tweaking software installed that changes the mouse functions?

Agree it shouldn’t be an issue, but it definitely won’t work for me any other way I’ve found. And, no, no mouse tweaking. I have just moved to Win 10, so something may be going on with it that I haven’t yet found. Puzzling …

And no scrollwheel issues in any other programs.

My scrollwheel works fine without the [alt]

What version of eM Client are you using? You can find the version number in Menu > Help > About. If you are not using the latest version, currently 7.1.32088, you can download it from and see if hat makes a difference.

Also check you have the correct driver for your mouse, and that it is updated.

Other applications may use Alt + mouse wheel for different things, like zooming or transparency, but as far as I can see in eM Client it has no effect. Ctrl + mouse wheel zooms the message, that’s about it.