Make "You replied to this message on..." click-able

Consider making “You replied to this message on…” click-able so when you click, it takes you to the actual reply.


Yes, this features is already being planned. I can’t say when it will be done but most likely it will be done.


Hello everyone,

What happend to this? It’s 5 years later and this is still not done. It is my #1 annoyance! I would really love to see this feature.

Please also consider an option for showing personal responses in conversations as well.

Best regards,


Of course, if you are using the conversation mode, the reply should be next to the replied to message.

Hi Jay,

could you ellaborate? For me

  1. The text “You replied to this message …” is not clickable (which would be my preference)
  2. In conversation mode, only messages from the other party are listed, not my replies. (Of course, typically people cite my mail when replying to it (triple dots), but this is supoptimal as it relies on the others party’s behavior.



Usually if you scroll up or down on a message that is part of a conversation, the other messages will be visible. But if you move a message from one account folder tree to another, it will not be considered as part of the conversation. For example, if messages are in an IMAP account folder, they will not be considered part of the same conversation as any messages you moved to Local Folders.