Make tasks drag and drop-able onto the Calendar

Make tasks drag and dropable on the calendar. I love to plan my days by reviewing the list of tasks I need to do and then schedule each one onto a calendar slot. I can’t drag and drop them in your program. I’d love your email client even more if I could

Hi Rob,
thank you for sharing your idea here on the forum, where our developers can consider it for future improvements.
Can I just ask, do you try to drag and drop the tasks from the Tasks section/Agenda in the right panel or from the Task bar below the calendar? Just to get a better idea of how you’d use this feature.


I had been trying from the Task bar below the calendar. I wasn’t aware of the Agenda right panel. I tried that too and still no go. I think I could live with either if you could only do one. Most natural feels like the tasks at the bottom because I’m working with the Calendar over a whole week and trying to line up tasks with specific time slots to work on them.

Thanks for listening.