Make it go away

This is not really a feature request, but since I did not see a category for defect reports which are not client breaking, this seemed to be the best fit. I have been seeing this particular item from day one, but figuring that someone would see it and correct it during a refactoring or something, I did not mention it. Today, however, was the last day I could go without posting, as every time I see it, some part of my brain withers and dies. :slight_smile:

“Large attachment” warning dialog box triggered when attempting to send an email with large attachments.


Please Enhance the orange button text to remove the colloquial/slang word “anyways” and replace it with the correct word, “anyway”. Another acceptable word if you feel like getting spicy, could be “regardless”, though please refrain from the equally nauseous “irregardless” which has been creeping around for quite some time as well.

Phew, that was hard. I am really not that much of a grammar nerd or zealot… I just really have a hard time seeing the word “anyways” on a UI element; It actually make something behind my left eye twitch just about every time I see it. Hence the feature request. :slight_smile:


Hello Richard

Thank you for the report. It is certainly appreciated even if it is not in your nature to normally do things like that. :smile:

The Feature Request category is just fine for suggesting changes or corrections to the UI. I have forwarded this to our developers, who will make sure it is fixed in an upcoming release.


It speaks to the quality of the builds and code in general if I do not have anything more foundational and email-breaking to report, and nothing wrong with a little buffing and polishing along the way right? :slight_smile: Regardless (ooooh, I used one of the aforementioned words!) thank you for logging this for me, my left eye shall owe you one. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!