Make all windows resizable

Some windows in eM Client can’t be resized. This provides a poor user experience. If users have larger screens, it’s useful to be able to resize windows to make use of the space for easier reading or to display additional information that would otherwise require column resizing or scrolling.

Some non-resizable windows are:
-The reminders window (The start column typically overflows.)
-Find in body (the query could be long).
-Column customisation (The list of column names vertically overflows.)
-Add Instant Messaging Contact (The text fields could overflow)
-Change my instant messaging profile (The about me section could overflow)
-File transfers (the lists could be long)
-Authorisation requests (the lists could be long)
-Operations (the lists could be long)
-Settings (some lists and text boxes overflow)
-Accounts (some tabs and text boxes overflow)

Modern development tools typically provide easily configurable layout containers to handle this.