Make 3 search fields: for text, folders and fields.

Currently there is 1 field in which you can add text to search for.

Next to this field is a dropdown button where you can select in which folders to search and in which fields to search.

I would like to have 3 search fields:

* 1 for the search text

* 1 for the folder(s) in which to search (with a dropdown button)

* 1 for the fields in which to search (with a dropdown button).

Currently I can not see in 1 view the values of the ‘folders’ and ‘fields’ in which is searched.

Hi, we do not plan to change our search system/design in any way, because now it works as designed.

For any advanced search you can use dropdown button in Search windows and select “Advanced Search”.


But in the way entering search-criteria is implemented now, I have to click / open the menu to see in which folders I’m searching and in which fields of an e-mail.

That’s not efficient…

Maybe it’s working now like it has been designed, but then I would say that you should re-evaluate your design.

hi, we really do not consider to redesign it in foreseeable future, otherwise I would not write it definitely but I would let it under consideration for other users to upvote it.