Main (special folder) Calendar fails to sync with a 404 error. How do I delete a special folder calendar

I was trying to connect Google Calendar to eM Client Calendar, this being the default eM Client Calendar.

I got the google secret ics address and went to Tools and picked Subscribe to Internet Calendar.

Every 30 minutes it tries to sync and fails.

I have tried to delete the calendar but eM Client says I cannot delete a ‘Special Folder’.

So, how do I clear the address that is giving the 404 error.

Hope someone out there can help.


Right-click on the calendar folder and choose Delete.

If you want to add a Google Calendar, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add an account by clicking on the + icon. Then choose Calendar > Google Calendar.

Found it, I kept looking below and somehow didn’t see the seperate ‘Internet Calendars’ section. Dooh.