Mailto Links Problem - Solved

Mailto Links Solved: I have searched, and tried every reported fix to the Firefox users issue with mailto links opening dozens & dozens of Internet Explorer widows, which forces a reboot to solve. Here’s how to solve it.

Install another desktop email client such as After installing this eM Client mailto links worked. It would probably work with any email client. I believe it has to do with “prioritization” of the mailto default client. Somehow installing another email client will solve the issue!

Hi Patrick, we have a fix for this issue, if you encounter this behavior again please send me an email to and I can send you the fix.

Thank you,

Having this same problem, Paul, can you provide the fix?  I just sent an email to your above address.

I believe I have sent you the fix to your email based on your email request. 

Hope it helps,

I’ve not received it.

Please see this thread for definitive solution I provided:…

Hope that helps.

Registry Editor fix seems to work.  Thanks for the fix.